25 January

New week, old me. I woke up tired and feeling as if I’d been to the gym and that was before I’d even got out of bed. I’m going to bed the same way.

Training has moved on to the practical side of things, so days should be more fluid and interesting moving forwards.

There is still snow on the ground, but the days are getting lighter and longer, so hopefully early mornings will seem less of a struggle.

24 January

We finally had a snow day! Following a walk with the kids it snowed so heavily on the walk home that I got a brain freeze.

Snow Flurry

I accidentally watched all five episodes of It’s A Sin before bed. So much for an early night.

23 January

Today I did very little and my Apple Watch fitness stats will back me up on that, with barely a thousand steps achieved. I did some heavy lifting with the Tesco collection, but otherwise was sofa-bound.

I did get to squeeze in two #abcdvd films though, Children Of Men and Chill Factor, just seven years and a million miles apart.

21 January

A peaceful day in the new world order. No drama, no anger, no fear, no hate. Well, not on the President’s social media anyway, and that’s what counts.

No arrests for the Drumpfs either, but there’s plenty of time for that.

Graffiti Junction

20 January

It’s done. It’s over. Hello Biden, goodbye Drumpf.

I watched the inauguration on the train as I headed home, the highlight was the poem by Amanda Gorman, a beautiful piece that should be taught in schools as an example of how poetry performance works.

Evening Field

That’s one world problem sorted, now what about the next?

19 January

Yesterday I watched Charlie’s Angels. It hasn’t aged well, particularly from an effects point of view, although as record of c.2000 mobile technology it’s priceless.

Today it’s the turn of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Again, the news is not good and they lost Bill Murray, but to compensate they added multiple cameos and Demi Moore. It’s effectively a soundtrack album with a film built around it.

18 January

The mornings are lightening, the evenings likewise. The commute is becoming more bearable.

Time drags already this year. We’re barely three weeks in and it feels like months. The rest of the week looms ahead like a shadow receding into the distance.

17 January

A Sunday walk, a movie or two and some superhero TV. That’s the extent of my day and I’m happy with that.

Ivy Root

Perhaps next weekend I’ll tidy more, or build something, or read a few chapters. Perhaps.

I feel that I’m slowly building to a more structured and organised way of life. Lockdown should have made this easier.

16 January

Snow! For about an hour, then sleet, then rain, then water… Winter has come and gone.

I woke up early to see if it was worth going out to take photos and stayed in bed. Last weeks frost was a missed opportunity…

Now the weekend is half done and all of the things I meant to do are not even started.

The evening Teams is done and I’m watching I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, an uncomfortable family drama that puts me in mind of mother!