New Year

A slow start to the new year, notable mainly for my increased desire to get out of my parent’s house before I do someone some harm.

Christmas was marred, as was many people’s, by illness.  My father was so ill he stayed in bed most of the day, and although this resulted in a peaceful day, my mother was upset on account of having spent so long over dinner.  I then acted as an all evening taxi service on Boxing Day before my mother spent the following day in bed as well.

A lack of annual leave meant that I was back in work from the 29th to New Year’s Eve, and I went straight from work to Maddy’s in Whitton, which meant about three hours on the train, followed by the same return journey the next day.

The only real highlight was my nephew’s second birthday party, even if it did mean being surrounded by many screaming toddlers.  Now, I only have one more day before I’m back at work again, with no leave between now and April, except for the SF Ball in February.

In a nutshell, I hate where I am, I hate where I work, and, although I haven’t covered it here, I’m in love with a friend who has no idea.  What exactly do I have going for me?

Maybe this year I can change some of the things that I don’t like about my life.