Slumdog Millionaire

True to form, my local cinema is re-releasing films that have done well to cash in on their success bring them to a wider audience, so I duly went along to see this year’s Oscar winner last night as part of my now almost-regular Tuesday night is movie night.

I’ll say one thing for it, it certainly hasn’t inspired me to actually visit India*, but it has moved me one step closer to watching a Bollywood movie. The film was good, although I didn’t feel a great deal of sympathy for the main characters and found the direction a little too dynamic, but very good in spots. And the adult Latika was gorgeous 🙂

It also had a very catchy soundtrack, which I heartily recommend downloading.

Without a doubt, the film I’ve enjoyed most in the four or five weeks I’ve been revisiting the cinema is Watchmen. Benjamin Button was a little too long, but fun and ultimately moving. Valkyrie was a surprise (particularly Eddie Izzard as a Nazi) and if there was a fifth, I can’t remember it right now.

EDIT – It was Gran Torino. I was confused, because I went to a different cinema to see it.

*With the exception of the Taj Mahal.