In search of style

I need a style.  Not in the fashion sense, I doubt I’ll ever really pull that off, but blog-style.  There are many out there, but how do you choose one?

  • Do I comment on current affairs?
  • Do I write about the minutiae of my life?
  • Should I post regular photos?
  • Should I talk about friends or family?
  • Should I post reviews?

Firstly, don’t worry, I won’t be doing the second one, it would bore the crap out of me too.

I don’t really keep up with current affairs so that one’s out as well.  I do take a lot of photos, but too many to really blog about.  My parents don’t really get the concept of blogging (macro- or micro-) so talking about them a lot probably wouldn’t go down well and the same may go for some friends.

I’d love to properly review books and films, in proper essay style, but I never have the patience to sit down and do it.  I need to exercise my brain more in that respect.  I haven’t written an academic essay in six years and that last one wasn’t great.

Where does that leave me?  A bit of everything?  I need to allot time to everything just to try and fit it all in.  I have #abcdvd, downloads, books, TiVo and who knows what else to squeeze into a day (and for the next four weeks I’m supposed to be making a Sabretooth costume from scratch)

Actually, the costume is something I can blog.  If the rest of the material turns up.


I managed 9 days of 365 photos before forgetting.  Actually, I did remember, but then I forgot again.  Same with the picture a day of myself, although I haven’t managed a flattering one yet.  Sometimes I’m just a little too OCD about the neatness of these things.  So what if it doesn’t start on January 1st?

Happy New Year

A 3am finish this morning meant a bit of a lie in, which turned into a vegetation session followed by a visit from the niece and nephew and inspired the less than well received decision to not bother getting dressed.

The new year brings resolutions, which I don’t normally do, but this time around, I want to write more, to which end I have bought a new Moleskine notebook and re-awakened my account here at WordPress.

I also intend to catch up on reading all the books that I have bough over the last ten years, and, why not, actually listen to some of the 50,000 MP3s that I’ve accumulated instead of just tidying up their ID tags all the time.

IMG_8754This is a selection (and probably the majority) of the unread books that I’ve built up.  Just new ones, the second-hand ones are a whole other pile.





Just to add variety to the mix, I will also be attempting a 365 picture record of my year (the books are number one) and taking photo a day of myself in the style of Noah here.

Let’s see how that all works out.