Samsung HT-C555

Everybody with a blog is writing about Gabriel Giffords, and what Sarah Palin’s website may or may not have inspired, but I have something far more important to document.

I recently got the above Home Cinema system and naturally wanted to hack it immediately to play multi-region DVDs as I have a fair few. Turns out there are a lot of hacks/codes out there, but I couldn’t find one for my system.

It took me two days to track it down, and it works like a dream. So far.

If you have the C555 and are in the same situation, here’s what to do:

Turn on the DVD player.
Press ‘Enter’ on the remote.
Type ‘8-4-2-6-9’.
Press Enter.

The player will turn itself off and should now play any region. I tested it on 1 and 4 (it was region 2 to begin with) and it worked fine.

One caveat: I’ve seen reports that some players have re-locked themselves after a month or so, so be wary. If it happens to me, I’ll be sure to mention it.