27 January

I’m on the verge of being able to walk to and from the station in daylight. It could make all the difference to the feeling of tiredness I seem to have on a daily basis at the moment.

Morning Walk

26 January

A beautiful sunrise over East London this morning. One day I’ll get myself up and out in time to properly photograph one…

Roll Out The Barrel

In the meantime I’ll just drag myself down to the station every morning and look for photo opportunities wherever I can find them.

25 January

New week, old me. I woke up tired and feeling as if I’d been to the gym and that was before I’d even got out of bed. I’m going to bed the same way.

Training has moved on to the practical side of things, so days should be more fluid and interesting moving forwards.

There is still snow on the ground, but the days are getting lighter and longer, so hopefully early mornings will seem less of a struggle.

24 January

We finally had a snow day! Following a walk with the kids it snowed so heavily on the walk home that I got a brain freeze.

Snow Flurry

I accidentally watched all five episodes of It’s A Sin before bed. So much for an early night.

23 January

Today I did very little and my Apple Watch fitness stats will back me up on that, with barely a thousand steps achieved. I did some heavy lifting with the Tesco collection, but otherwise was sofa-bound.

I did get to squeeze in two #abcdvd films though, Children Of Men and Chill Factor, just seven years and a million miles apart.