Slumdog Millionaire

True to form, my local cinema is re-releasing films that have done well to cash in on their success bring them to a wider audience, so I duly went along to see this year’s Oscar winner last night as part of my now almost-regular Tuesday night is movie night.

I’ll say one thing for it, it certainly hasn’t inspired me to actually visit India*, but it has moved me one step closer to watching a Bollywood movie. The film was good, although I didn’t feel a great deal of sympathy for the main characters and found the direction a little too dynamic, but very good in spots. And the adult Latika was gorgeous 🙂

It also had a very catchy soundtrack, which I heartily recommend downloading.

Without a doubt, the film I’ve enjoyed most in the four or five weeks I’ve been revisiting the cinema is Watchmen. Benjamin Button was a little too long, but fun and ultimately moving. Valkyrie was a surprise (particularly Eddie Izzard as a Nazi) and if there was a fifth, I can’t remember it right now.

EDIT – It was Gran Torino. I was confused, because I went to a different cinema to see it.

*With the exception of the Taj Mahal.


On the subject of Messrs Ross and Brand’s ill-advised telephone pranks, I have this to say.

It wasn’t very funny.

However, I would like to qualify that statement.  I rarely find anything that Russell Brand does funny.  Jonathan Ross is a different kettle of fish, but combined, it was hardly surprising that something like this happened.

What seems to be largely glossed over is that following the broadcast only two listeners complained, both on the grounds that Ross had said ‘Fuck’ at some point.  Shocking indeed.  It would seem then that everyone who has complained since either did not listen to the show, or were so horrified by what they had heard that it took them a week to regain their senses enough to pick up a phone.

What also seems to garner less coverage is that as it was a pre-recorded show, Andrew Sachs was asked by a BBC producer if they could use the material.  He now claims that he did not clearly hear what was played to him over the telephone (and apparently hadn’t yet checked his answerphone), but he presumably did give his permission, or I imagine the BBC’s fleet of lawyers would have stepped in earlier.

I don’t dispute that Ross is overpaid for what he does, but suspending him (on pay or otherwise) is hardly solving the issue when the issue is that the press have blown what was a relatively obscure event into something that the Prime Minister feels fit to comment on.  I eagerly await the opinion of HM The Queen and (when (fingers crossed) they actually vote him in) President Obama.

Oh, last night I watched Conspiracy.  I didn’t actually know what it was about, but after getting over Val Kilmer’s inflation (he looks like he’s been attacked with a bicycle pump) it didn’t take long to realise that it was a remake of Bad Day At Black Rock, only with a false leg and acting as wooden as the small Western town it was set in (if Arizona counts as the West)

I’m making an attempt to watch more films.  It’s not that I don’t, but I seem to spend so much time catching up on US TV that I sometimes feel that I neglect them, and that would be bad.  I love films.  I love the look of them.  I love the experience of seeing them in a cinema and equally the anticipation of watching a DVD at home (or as I now slowly migrate my collection (again) Blu-Ray)  I love the actors and the writers, the sets and the techniques, the directors and even the credits.  Even the ‘less good’ ones like Conspiracy are entertaining enough in their own way, and I welcome the chance to see them all.