Hello world!

I used to use Livejournal, and then Facebook came along.  Now, I love Facebook, and it’s much easier and more convenient to use, at least in a transitory way, but it doesn’t really offer the opportunity to express oneself in more detail (short of RSSing the Livejournal feed straight to my profile page).

Now, I could just go back to Livejournal, but I fancied one of those flashy looking blogs that you keep coming across when ever you Google a random telephone number that keeps phoning you (usually someone trying to sell you a mobile phone contract) or if you’re trying to do something slightly technical (usually network related) and I thought I’d give WordPress a go, but then it turned out that I needed to set things up with a webhost and the cost , although low, wasn’t something I could justify, so I went for the web based option instead, which to be fair is a little like Livejournal anyway, only not quite so cluttered.

So, here I am, friendless and alone, as I’m not sure whether to tell anybody I know what I’m doing.  Let’s see how it goes.