Happy New Year

A 3am finish this morning meant a bit of a lie in, which turned into a vegetation session followed by a visit from the niece and nephew and inspired the less than well received decision to not bother getting dressed.

The new year brings resolutions, which I don’t normally do, but this time around, I want to write more, to which end I have bought a new Moleskine notebook and re-awakened my account here at WordPress.

I also intend to catch up on reading all the books that I have bough over the last ten years, and, why not, actually listen to some of the 50,000 MP3s that I’ve accumulated instead of just tidying up their ID tags all the time.

IMG_8754This is a selection (and probably the majority) of the unread books that I’ve built up.  Just new ones, the second-hand ones are a whole other pile.





Just to add variety to the mix, I will also be attempting a 365 picture record of my year (the books are number one) and taking photo a day of myself in the style of Noah here.

Let’s see how that all works out.

Why are we here?

I’ve just read some blog posts by a friend of mine on a different but similar site to this, and it made me realise that although I have so many accounts with different social networking sites, I’m not sure that I ever really say anything.  I tweet, and I update daily, but what can you really convey in such a short space, with so few words?  I guess it depends on how you use them.

I used to Livejournal, but now I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the TV on the computer, accomplishing nothing and dreaming of the way that I would like things to be without taking steps to make it happen.

Maybe this time it will be different.  Maybe if I write regularly I’ll take action.  Maybe if I speak about it, I’ll tell her how I feel or maybe I’ll move on.  Something has to happen because if it doesn’t I feel like I may implode.

Emotional retardation aside, it may just inspire me to be more creative or more open in the real world.


Once more the UK has been hit with snow.  It’s cold, wet, pretty, and IIMG_8570 love it.  Ideally it would enable me to take a day off work and play in it, but you can’t always get what you want (as well I know).  An initial heavy snow was topped off the following day with a lighter coating, and despite my plans to stay home,  I made it into work as the main roads were clear, and the only really hazardous spot was on St John’s Road.  The weekend was cold and the snow stayed.  It was starting to thaw out by today, but then it snowed again on the way home from work and was cold enough to be settling on the road and the car as I drove.  Tomorrow may well be an adventure.

Slumdog Millionaire

True to form, my local cinema is re-releasing films that have done well to cash in on their success bring them to a wider audience, so I duly went along to see this year’s Oscar winner last night as part of my now almost-regular Tuesday night is movie night.

I’ll say one thing for it, it certainly hasn’t inspired me to actually visit India*, but it has moved me one step closer to watching a Bollywood movie. The film was good, although I didn’t feel a great deal of sympathy for the main characters and found the direction a little too dynamic, but very good in spots. And the adult Latika was gorgeous 🙂

It also had a very catchy soundtrack, which I heartily recommend downloading.

Without a doubt, the film I’ve enjoyed most in the four or five weeks I’ve been revisiting the cinema is Watchmen. Benjamin Button was a little too long, but fun and ultimately moving. Valkyrie was a surprise (particularly Eddie Izzard as a Nazi) and if there was a fifth, I can’t remember it right now.

EDIT – It was Gran Torino. I was confused, because I went to a different cinema to see it.

*With the exception of the Taj Mahal.